Tom & Lucifer

by Alec Danger

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"In the spring of 2016, when my plan to record a band EP failed for a number of reasons, I took the chance to produce my own music as far as I could for the first time. Only the mixing and mastering duties were left in the ears (and hands) of Anssi Alhopuro (a huge aid, thank you). During the process I realized that by producing myself, I was able to leave things more raw, imperfect and vulnerable which fascinated me. Besides, I enjoyed the fact that I was able to make the tracks sound really close to the way I was hearing them in my head instead of trying to describe them to someone else. I hope you enjoy this bedroom produced pocket symphony and stay tuned for future music."


released December 21, 2016

envisioned, written, played, sung, programmed & produced by Alec Danger in Helsinki, Finland 2016.

mixed and mastered by Anssi Alhopuro in Turku, Finland & London, England 2016.

cover art by Ana Jaumandreu.

*guest vocals on 'Without Your Love' by Marjut Backman
*'Vacancy' contains a sample of the track 'Telecom' by Dislocations.


all rights reserved



Alec Danger Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Shadow World
deep inside my heart
candle of rage is kindled
shady motives circulating ’round my mind
waiting for a chance to sneak in
as I'm trying to get through

seems like every step further
only doubles the burden
every move closer
creates a sharper illusion

scavenging my mind
rediscovered the ire
which ones of these tangled thoughts
were supposed to be mine?
what could quench the desire
of another pathetic liar
or extinguish the fire
that is burning at the bottom of the ocean

living in the shadow world
I'm waiting for my luck to turn
living in the shadow world
some of us will get burned

we can change names and faces
habits, addictions and places
but can we change our nature?
cutting wounds like a razor
fishes in the deep waters
we will never be found
an underwater volcano
someday will burst out like hell

we form societies of our own
in honor of our great escape
in the end we’ll all be alone
someone’s got the future on tape
hiding behind our masks
for a false eternity
completing our useless tasks
That have no real dignity
Track Name: Without Your Love
nothing in this world
would make any sense
if you don’t want me anymore
and nothing in this world
would be the same anymore
if you don’t love me no more

when anger’s in the game
when hatred’s still the same
and you can’t change who you are

there’s a werewolf at the door
there’s a werewolf at the door
for it can smell the human blood that’s on the floor

when the future’s set to break
when human lives are at stake
make sure you don’t make the same mistake

(without your love)
I’m nothing
(without your love)
my life has no meaning
(without your love)
my actions lack the feeling
(without your love)

I’m a poison arrow on the fly
without a target in sight
I’m a cargo ship stuck on mars
I got swallowed by the moon
and I was born
in my mouth a golden spoon
I’ve never learned exactly how it feels
to lose someone

take a hold of your love
take care of your love
keep a hold of your love
now that you finally got some
now that you finally love someone
now that you still got some
and hope that it’s enough
Track Name: Vacancy
like a mongrel barking in the night
looking for some peace of mind
pushed into a corner, it might bite
seems like you missed the danger signs
don't you dare think you're some kind of jesus
if you can't even recognize
You were hurting me all that time
finally I got numb, sick and blind

demons from the past just go away
I’ve tried to waste you too many times, still you know my name
demons from the past live in laziness
trying to find a way out of this hazy mess

I was looking for a place to hide
in the eye of the rising tide
I was waiting for the dark days to pass me by
so that I could exorcise my mind
but I was feeding the beast, the towering lie
lord knows, fundamentally, I was looking for a shortcut to happiness
It made me feel like eating shit and dying
sick of searching for that pie in the sky

twisted craving emerging
while your own will
is waving goodbye

tell another lie won’t you tell me come on
sell another lie won’t you sell me come on
Track Name: Search of a Lifestyle
once I was stuck in a hazy dream
misled by weasel words
I kept my head held down all the time
without knowing it was a crime
all I needed was a bit of trust
it has never done any harm
everybody’s got to hit the bottom sometime

I know it’s hard to let go
of things you’ve got used to
there are times when that’s the only way
to find out who you really are

search of a lifestyle
may take me a lifetime
to get what I’m after
I got to face things with laughter

that’s not your true face mam
that’s not your real height man
it doesn’t take a doctor to analyze
it’s time to grow up into your full-size
no condition is conclusive
everybody’s got the right to bloom
release the full-potential of yourself
by getting rid of your gloom

nobody’s gonna get you from your front door
to take you to the highest floor I’ve seen
faces shining out of happiness
game of love is such a beautiful mess
you don’t learn it - from books or tv
discovery’s not a channel, it’s a state of mind
Track Name: Forgiveness is my name
love must be the greatest of them all
but you know it can’t stand alone
What have we earned
from our mistakes and hardships

will we forget the lessons learned
grow stronger or regress
making an ever-growing mess
that swallows all the hope

try not to see these feelings
bigger than they are
they won’t fade away by reeling
they’re nothing but alarms

mind the gap
between the generations
please don’t let the hatred pass on
do whatever it takes
to break the chain
remember me, at the hour of chaos
forgiveness is my name

for years without knowing
you were building a monster
that would slowly suck all the life out of you

(it felt like)
nobody could warn you
nobody knew how to help
you think we are so different
but fundamentally we’re the same

I know that you may feel like
you’d like to tear me apart
though it doesn’t help you to
face yourself,
or heal your painful scars

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