May Contain Traces of Mental Violence

by Alec Danger

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released December 25, 2017

Alec Danger - vocals, lyrics and music, producer
Alex Lyysaari - guitar, engineer, backing vocals
Mikko Patama - keyboards
Ville-Pekka Vaaralahti - drums
Eero Auvinen - additional production
Pauliina Rahiala - Violin on 'Bad Seed'
Susanna Syrjäläinen - Cello on 'Bad Seed'

Kane Heinonen - Mixing
Matias Ahonen - Mastering

Cover art - Felipe Gasnier


all rights reserved



Alec Danger Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Mother Lode
welcome you
crude solitude
welcome truth
where were you today?

when the darkness rose like the tidal waves
I let my loneliness speak for itself
I have arranged myself this solid mess
we got a plain checkmate in our game of chess

you have a hard time finding your buried self
it wasn’t really you just your self-defense
you’re chasing after that perfect sense
gazing at the other side of the fence

You gotta live life like it’s the only one you got
don’t you ever forget about having fun
you got one more chance to make it work
waste no time by being a jerk

it’s a long way to go
to the mother lode
one of these days
you’re gonna explode
one of these days
it’s gonna happen

I keep searching for a trace of the second wind
knowing we’re just fetal
does it make it a sin?
still chasing after the perfect sense
keep on staring at life through a dirty lens

it’s a long way to go
to the mother lode
one of these days
the old road will be closed
one of these days
it’s gonna happen
Track Name: No Sense
Jamie got so sick
he needed to be taken to the nurse
He saw the sun for the first time
on their way to hospital
he got the staff all puzzled
his background was a blank
”no notes in the register
about you son”

This time while cleaning
mother hears the distant scream
She turns a blind eye
to what he does to the child
She keeps her friends in the dark
’bout what happens underground
No one gets to know
no one gets to know

No sense of identity
No sense of reality
No sense of the outside world
No sense of empathy

25 years after
the story gets a new chapter
father’s doing time
mother’s not alive

Jamie’s staring out the window
of his new asylum
through the cloud of the lithium
he smells the brave new world

memory hard to erase
can life begin anew?
past mistakes you can’t undo
all the chance we blew

Can we cheat the brain?
Rearrange the blame
certify his sane
memories remain
Track Name: Scenery
and then one day
she went away
I found her keys there on the table
in her grande design
this is not the kind
of life she wanted to have

living in scenery surrounded by
plastic plans
can be hard on you

Acting is easy
when others play along
to your surprise
the opposite
has left the stage
tired of pretending
Same happy ending

we get excited
extremely fast
still we find it so scary
to build something that lasts
wish I had known
love like a stone
ends up leaving you cold

look into the window
and the scenery gets changed
with every passing play
year after year
we start all over again
lost in the fear
we fail

No signs of weakness
on the exterior
that’s important for her
flawless outward
take a look at her pack of cards

Nobody heard when you said the wrong words
nobody saw when you fell
Nobody else heard the ringing of the bell
nobody moved when you failed

you shouldn’t only blame it on yourself
you always did all you could
it’s never easy to face the reality
even if you know you should

Look into the window
and the scenery gets changed
with every passing play
year after year
we start all over again
lost in the fear
we fail
Track Name: Bad Seed
Ain’t no easy way out
got an evil side
well the demon may be sleeping
the monster still lives inside

For the first time
calling out for help
and there’s no use escaping
I’m wanting to fight my old-self

the problems that I never seemed to face in time
they all seem a bit lighter now
the troubles that I seemed to replace with highs
on my way to a brighter now

I’m a bad seed
I’m a mad breed
I’m a bad seed
can’t change the way I am

Tryina figure it out
if my mind is to blame
of the madness left you bleeding
I just played my old cards again

It sure ain’t a crime
sometimes you step out of line
oh the cruel world gets you weeping
the darkness will only decline

I am a bad seed
I’m a mad breed
I’m so sorry
I’m doing the best I can

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