Empty Town

by Alec Danger

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Alec Danger is an eclectic singer-songwriter currently residing in Helsinki, Finland. Danger's eclectic debut EP takes you to a musical journey through pop music's many decades and styles, yet combining them in a highly original manner.


released May 30, 2013

all music and lyrics by Alec Danger
all instruments and vocals by Alec Danger

Taneli Korpinen - drums (2,3,4,6)
Jusu Heinonen - soprano sax (2,4)
Oiva Ristimäki - trumpet (1,2)

engineered, mixed and mastered by Jouko Lavonen
Turku, Finland 2013

produced by Jouko Lavonen & Alec Danger

cover design by Anniina Saksa

contact/booking: alecdanger@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Alec Danger Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: 18th Century House
Do you still live in that nostalgic 18th century house
right in the heart of town?
A house where the cats ran free
curved staircase with thin corridors
and that unfair rooftop terrace

We were singing and playing under your window
when you came down just to say hello
somehow we ended up talking more
and you invited us for a cup of tea

There we sat at your place
drinking tea
and listened to Tim Buckley
I liked the way you boasted 'bout those japanese films
We used to have an intense talk on art going on most of the time
Track Name: Nobody Knows
As I turn my look over these orange rooftops today
My thoughts are racing fast
and this city of dreams, so far from home
gives me a wistful feeling

my past mistakes and achievements, they don't count here
cause I am just a trespasser in this eternity

Maybe it's these misty bridges that I cross
that get me sentimental
and I'm wondering
whether it's my luck or destiny
that has brought me here this time

I forget where I came from
and where I'm going to
and that's exactly what I've been looking for sometime

Have you ever seen a sky so blue, or a horizon so vast?
it's an affection that was made to last in my mind

Nobody knows when I'll be back here
Nobody knows when I'll see you again

Now it seems to me that I can see clearer
What I'm gonna do with my life
since I took some distance to listen
what the wind had to say to me

and it said: "I see so many good things comin, hope they'll reach you soon
suspicions, they will fade away, turning the gloom into bloom"
Track Name: Pie in the Sky
Please show, show me some kind of sign, why should I carry on on the road I've taken
Give me a reason to believe that our time is near, please say it's near
I've been down for a long long time, soon I might be down and out too

Was that big step we took just a pie in the sky?
How long do we have to wait until the time is right?
How dark must the sky turn before it gives way to light?
When you're sick of the doubt that almost kills you in the night

It takes guts to pick up the hard way
but don't regret a minute if you chose it
though your dreams they dissappoint you
time after time
you'll have to stand the test
You've been down for a long long time, soon you might be down and out too
Track Name: Jade
Jade, you luminous being
everybody knows your name
but only a few know your game
from behind your clothes n looks
you can make a man lose his way
just by looking at you

Jade, is the name of the girl I met
She plays with every heart she can get
Oh Jade could you please just let me be
Jade, can't you see you're no good for me

Just one moment with you
could make life seem like a dream
Just one leer at you
could turn life into hell
Do you get anything out of your game anymore?
Are you sure you can still feel something real?
You've had everything you wanted ever since you were a kid

Bet you look just like a little girl when you cry in your sleep
Did I say something that reminded you of your beauty's perishability?
Track Name: On That Day
That walk through the streets of town
in a gleaming haze of twilight
with the girls on our sides
One of the few moments
when I've felt delight
in it's clearest form

ch: Back here, it's an empty street, it's an empty town
and I can't hide from it. It's a part of me...

Walked over the canals to the park
to sing by the lake
yeah we sang all over the town
just for fun, for the money
for a glimpse of gladness
on a passer-by's face
Track Name: Please Don't Tell Me
It was quite a while ago when it started under odd circumstances, oh no
We didn't know what was going on
It wasn't meant to be that serious, but some force kept pushing us
towards the unknown. It told us that the best was yet to come.

Hey Hey baby, well I never thought we could make it this far
Please don't tell me that this is a false alarm

From time to time I wonder
What do I need to stay happy?
I need a freedom to explore
and a permission to fail sometimes
when I got those things I can live without fear

It took years to get all things working well
there were times when it was hard to keep up hope
that all the work would pay back someday
everytime we thought we'd lose our minds
something kept us believing "it will be allright"
feels like this is only the beginning

I don't feel that we have much to lose
so let's play high when we're still in our prime
cause it's impossible to tell how much we really have time
Let's not worry about the second thoughts

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